Tongue-type fractures - Minimal invasive treatment of calcaneal fractures

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Tongue-type fractures

Tongue-type fractures
Fractures with a large connected fragment of the tuber  and the joint part. Reduction technique after Westhues
Case TTA, female, 85 y, Tongue-type, surgery one day after trauma
Case TTB male , tongue-type, Reduction after Westhues and tappet from plantar
Case TTC, male 27 y, tongue-type, reduction in the way of Westhues
Case TTF, male 17 y, tongue-type both sides, Reduction in the way of Westhues
Case TTG, male 17 y, tongue-type, Reduction in the way of Westhues and distraction, 4 weeks old
Case TTH, male 42 y, tongue-type, Reduction in combination of extension and Westhues
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