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Dear Visitor
First of all, I hope that you are not affected by a fracture yourself.
Treatment is often very complex and depends on many individual factors
such as fracture shape, soft tissues, general health, age and many others.
That's why this site cannot offer any form of therapy for patients.
Please consult your doctor who will  offer you a personalised treatment.

This page is intended for
helping to develop and promote concepts for
minimal  invasive treatment of intraarticular calcaneal fractures
take your time and have a look at our

PowerPoint - slides to show you our methods and ideas
tips, tricks and hints - slides dealing with special topics
videos - video presentations of the last years
presentations - congresses, papers..
manuscript - manual of the techniques
quick info - overview poster

an overview of cases

for any questions and comments I would be happy to be contacted ([email protected])

for a quick overview

try my presentation at the Video Library of the
on clicking on the OTA buttons


my presentation at
Objectives of our concepts

early surgery  -  anatomical reduction  -   less surgical trauma  -  stable fixation  -  early functional treatment

Fracture analysis and classification
Basic techniques
The final method of reduction and osteosynthesis is determined on the basis of the individual fracture analysis!
Requirements for success

consider the complete process.
Plan, train and standardise all prozedures

overview:  surgical process for technique with extension

I will try to frequently update the page - so come back next time and visit the

thanks for support through the Austrian Workers Compensation Board  - AUVA

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